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ECISolutions established 2011 depending on its developers back ground experience in food and beverage Electro-Mechanical Projects In 5 years we succeeded to penetrate Dairy market , Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas markets.

Our Mission

To provide best process performance to our customers through appropriate designed Electro- Mechanical installation.

Our Vision

To lead in 2020 the MENA market in Electro-Mechanical installation and tanks manufacturing. Not only to work in piping installation but our Target is to work as a system developers.


Is managing a profitable customer relationship through . We high hygienic processes requires sterilized piping networks and tanks , find it in : Food & Beverage , Dairy , Oil & Gas (Power) , Pharmaceutical.


we are able to work with Stainless Steel (St.St) & Carbon-Steel Pipes and Plastic Networks , in those products : Piping Networks , Tanks , Electrical Systems , Swing Bend Panels , Others.


A perfect service is what we are seek to that`s come from our expert engineers work hard on providing the best designs in : Engineering & Layouts , Fabrication , Installation , Positioning , Others.

All of our teams are qualified enough to deliver the optimum quality within the targeted budget and planned time frame in a safe manners . our company owns more than one team work and that makes us able to work in more than one project at the same time . All teams are equiped with the best epuipements & tools that make work easier and faster Teams work in our company has the skills and experience that make them the best in our work .


ECI Solutions

ECISolutions established 2011 depending on its developers back ground experience in food and beverage Electro-Mechanical Projects In 5 years we succeeded to penetrate Dairy market , Pharmaceutical and Oil & Gas markets.


Worked In

our company able to work in any kind of Electro-Mechanical installations & Tanks manufacturing . our main target not just working in piping installation but also as system builder



" Our goal is to help you choose the system that best fits your needs for simplicity, reliability and ease of service. And with systems containing specialized, customizable features like Pipes & Pumps & Electrical system ) "

A fire fighting system is probably the most important of the building services, as its aim is to protect human life and property, strictly in that order

" Our company can provide you with Electrical Installations & Cable trays & Electrical Panels & Automated Electrical panels including ( PLC and Scada systems ) "

Supply Integrated Electrical Systems & design, installation, testing

" We are specialized In ( Stainless Steel (St.St) & Carbon-Steel Pipes (Galvanized – Basic) & Plastic Networks (PVC- Polypropylene – Polyethylene) & Hot and Cold pipes insulation work "

Piping Networks ( Design , Fabricating & Installation )

" Basic Tanks (Stainless-Steel (According to hygienic slandered) Carbon-steel ) & Double Jacketed Tanks & Hot and cold insulation for tanks . Tanks Design including all the instrument required such as (level sensors , pressure transmitter,..etc. ) plus pumps selection and agitators selection based on the application "

Every product we manufacture is designed and built with excellence in mind

" Our team skilled in Welding, Stainless Steel Process / CIP. ECISolutions affirms our commitment to complete customer satisfaction by focusing on product and service quality, on-time delivery and support and service after project completion. We are capable to cover various types of piping and electrical installations in spite of the industrial fields . Tools & Devices we using are excellent enough to meet out quality objectives . "

We have a large staff of experienced technicians & welders

" Sticking with the hygienic standards in evident in fabrication process , Using high quality materials , tools , devices and items enable us guarantee our product competitively "

Our highly skilled team of engineers and fabricators are based in our purpose built facility , We offer extensive experience in fabrication, design and development, project management and process engineering.

" Our company able to provide you with Engineering ( Tanks Design , Pipes Sizing , Pipes material selection , Pumps selection ,... etc. ) & CAD Layouts (2D & 3 D) P&ID & Electrical wiring diagrams . "

Our expert engineers work hard on providing the best design in order to optimize our clients process performance

" High sensitive industry which we cannot depend on human resources & Automatic wildings is strongly recommended in all the wetted parts & Inspection work is usually done over 100 % of the welding work & Good understanding of the process enable us to prevent any kind of product losses . "

The pharmaceutical technology industry has developed accepted practices for the design, fabrication and installation of process piping and equipment

" We can do that by offering the correct pipes size which finally save our customers’ money and effort We can design and build carbon steel tanks Related to that industry based on a good understanding of the process . "

Due to our piping experience we had succeeded to penetrate Oil & Gas

" We highly depend on our technical dep. Plus our quality control team and skilled team members (welders & fitters ) to provide the proper job Inspection welding work is regularly following up the welding Operation . "

Dairy is one of the sensitive industries which requires a fine and correct wildings to avoid any kind of contaminations



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